Alan Rose – Club Professional

Alan is the Club Professional and is skilled at helping golfers improve their
game. He has been a member of the NZPGA since 1998, coaching players with
all levels of ability. He keeps it simple and is an effective communicator.
Alan’s passion for golf started at the age of 14, so he has a great deal of
experience in the Sport he loves. He is proud of his coaching achievements
over the years, helping many very satisfied golfers. He gets a great sense of
satisfaction helping people improve their game and realise their potential.

Alan offers a variety of coaching options:

  • Individual lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Playing lessons
  • Lesson Packages tailored to meet your needs.

Contact Alan
027 4387628
03 443 7888 Extn 1

Kyle Clark – NZPGA Trainee

Kyle will complete his NZPGA Training in December 2023. He has a great love
and passion for golf and has been involved in successful Junior programmes
and Beginner Lessons at the Wanaka Golf Club.

Kyle brings a positive attitude to your golf experience and is available for

Contact or 03 443 7888 Extn 1