Tuesday and Saturday competitions are operated by pre-register and a draw compiled day prior with tee starts 1 and 10 from 10.30am


Sat men’s programme

 Sat 30th May – Armstrong Trophy  Rd 3 (Still pre register by email to 

                           the day before.  Tee 1 & 10 only from 11.04 onwards. Prize Giving 5.30pm     

Sat 6th June – Armstrong Trophy  Rd 4 Semi Finals, Speight’s Ale House Medal

Sat 13th June – Armstrong Trophy Finals, Stableford

Sat 20th June – President’s Cup (new format)

Sat 27th June – President’s Cup (new format)


Wednesday men change format back to pre covid from 3rd June

  • No longer pre register by email. Shotgun start off multi tees at 12pm.
  • Print your own score card, from Kiosk in Pro Shop on the day
  • Please don’t all come at 11.30am. Please can some Men arrive from 11.15am onwards
  • Register and pay at Committee Counter
  • Food available before and after round. Prize giving as usual around 5pm


Tuesday ladies golf: From Zita Cleugh

This Week 2nd June – Papworth Financial GNZ Medal and Putting. Tee starts 1 & 10 only from 10.28am Pre register  Your Tee time and tee will be emailed to you, and can also be viewed in the Dotgolf app.

Please email/Txt if you wish to play. 0272233180

Café/Bar will be open as well as food in the chilly bin on the course.

For some winter fun – as it looks like we will all be spending the winter here!!! We will play the Foursomes Matchplay.

Please enter names on the noticeboard, conditions of play and possible round dates will be on the board.


Thursday 9 hole ladies

  • no need to pre register.
  • Register at 10am for 10.30am on Tee times
  • Medal & Putting

Thursday 9 hole men

  • no need to pre register.
  • Register from 10.15am for 10.30am on Tee times

Saturday ladies:


From the WGC Players Committee      Temporary Rules In Place         During Covid-19 Alert Level 2  By Phillip Selby, President, updated on 22nd May

Sanctioned & Recommended By Golf NZ

Scoring & Scorecards

  • Players may enter their own scores for each hole on the scorecard – it is not necessary for a marker to do it. (See below for use of DotGolf app)
  • It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify a player’s score on each hole, but some form of verbal certification should take place. If a fellow competitor’s name or 7 digit ID appears on the scorecard it is deemed that verbal certification has been agree upon.


Flagsticks & Holing Out

  • The flagstick will remain in place at all times and should not be touched nor removed.


Additional WGC Temporary Local Rules

  • Players may use the DotGolf smartphone app to enter scores, but are requested to advise the match committee if they are using the app during club competitions.
  • Having had the new ‘noodle’ inserts in the putting cups since 16th May, it is safe to say, I believe, that the improvement over the upturned cups has proven it to be an effective solution. It has been agreed by the Players’ Committee, therefore, that we can resume normal rules regarding the holing of putts, and that any putt that does not remain in the cup will now need to be holed with the subsequent stroke. The rule regarding 30cm or less putts being regarded as ‘gimmees’, however, remains in force until further notice.
  • Any ball coming to rest within 30cm of the cup is deemed to have been holed on the subsequent stroke. For reference, 30cm is the length of a fully unfolded WGC scorecard.
  • Bunker rakes will remain unavailable, and players will be able to place their ball in the bunker under normal lift, clean and place rules. – one club length no nearer the pin and within the limits of the bunker. Please repair the bunker surface as best you can without a rake after playing your shot.
  • Preferred lies on own fairway, normal lift clean and place rules – one club length, no nearer the pin.

Drinking Fountains  are OPEN

END Players Committee Update.

  1. If you do not know how to book a tee time online, please either download the Dotgolf App or watch this short video as to how to register for My Golf on  How to Register for Online Tee BookingsNote: NZ Golf will continue to update their guidance. For updates please visit: more information or questions, please contact Kim Badger, Cub Manager 027 664464